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Amanita Packages

Available packages of dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are:
- Amanita Muscaria 5g (Micro Pack)
- Amanita Muscaria 10g ((Mini Pack)
- Amanita Muscaria 20g (Medium Pack)
- Amanita Muscaria 50g (Big Pack)
- Amanita Muscaria 200g 4 x 50g (Huge Pack)

Only the best crop

We select for you the best quality mushrooms harvested in the purest European forests

Professional drying

We dry mushrooms under heat conditions suitable for them in a professional dehydrator

Secure packaging

We pack mushrooms in certified packaging, so our products stay fresh longer.

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  3. I got the second delivery for free, I was not satisfied with the first one. Such customer care rarely happens, it is 5+

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