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We are a group of enthusiasts from Poland and Latvia. Countries that are surrounded by beautiful, ancient, resource-rich, pure forests. We are professional mushroom pickers inspired by nature, science, ancient traditions and medicines....

Collecting and preparing Amanita Muscaria (Red Mushroom) mushrooms requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. Even the slightest difference in color can lead to a tragic mistake. Other mushroom species can be highly toxic - We are qualified mushroom experts providing the highest quality dried Amanita Muscaria products to the Polish and foreign markets. Amanita Muscaria has a long history - from ancient pagan times, shamans and Vikings to herbalists, traditional medicine and modern scientific research.

Continuing the old traditions of our ancestors, we sell dried Amanita Muscaria collected in Lithuanian, Polish and Latvian forests.

Amanita Muscaria hats have been used for special recipes in the creation of medicines, ingredients for magic, shamanic rituals and other mysterious things. Our customers make many other Amanita Muscaria (Red Flytrap) products such as creams, compresses, potions, tinctures, various health-promoting remedies and even artwork and decorations.

We have spent many years studying a variety of literature and have conducted a lot of experiments to achieve the best quality in our production processes. We know when to harvest and how to clean Amanita Muscaria caps, which protects us from mistakes such as dark color, unpleasant smell or worms. We know how to dry Amanita Muscaria mushrooms so that the product has a perfect color and good smell.

With the right drying method, Amanita Muscaria retains its best physical and chemical properties. After harvesting, the mushrooms are sorted and cleaned, then we put them in a special dryer for 2-3 days (drying with a hot stream of air at a temperature of about +40...45 degrees Celsius in professional stainless steel dryers).

We then pack the dried mushrooms into vacuum packs of various sizes. We store our production in a cool, dry and dark place for no more than a year.

Amanita muscaria has many varieties! Light yellow to yellow are - guessowii, silvery-white with white warts - alba, liver-brown with yellowish warts - regalis, pinkish to orange "color melom" - persicina, red with yellow to yellowish-white warts - flavivolvata, - all are varieties of Amanita muscaria and contain ibotenic acid and musciol. The chemical compounds in A. Muscaria can vary greatly, and it depends on many factors, such as location, soil, meteorological factors, etc. 

In Poland, thanks to inPost, even in one day.

Abroad with the Polish Post Office up to 14 days.

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